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so i might be a biiiiiit late but me and my friends have just discovered project runway and you are our absolute favorite! you're super entertaining and all your designs are freaking brilliant. i especially love how you remain so calm even when insulted by the judges?? they better have you back for PR all stars 4 or im going to be SO upset. anyways, keep doing what youre doing! sending you looooots of love & support from japan

Xoxo lovers!

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Advice for a young aspiring fashion designer (17) living in a small town?

Never take no for an answer, and always dream big

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Aaahh, Gunnar! I didn't know you had a tumblr! If you did, I would've sent an ask much longer agoooo!! I'm a huge fan of your work, anything and everything you make is perfect and you're still so young and have your whole life ahead of you! You're just so successful and an inspiration, it's fantastic.


Do you have swedish heritage? :)

Yes :)


Aline Weber by Koray Birand  via naimabarcelona


(Source: samstoj)

"powdered in pastel"

shot for NFOCUS Louisville magazine

creative direction/ styling- Gunnar Deatheage

photography- Clay Cook

creative assistant- Cassandra Mastropaolo

hair- Ashley Flora, Raina Trimble,Kayla Inman

makeup- Isidro Valencia, Brooke Duvall,Bethany Hood

clothing- Dillards

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I am but an artist starving for the taste of which some might call the fame; The fame which consumes and thrives in my bones is what will propel me to the top of this sick and twisted place. 23. Fashion Designer. Musically driven. Fashion derived. Passion Ignited. I own none of these photos unless i state so...

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